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FAA Approved for Commercial Operations
Imaging Eagle Drone

Eagle Drone Imaging is a professional aerial imaging and inspection company approved for commercial operations by the FAA that uses state-of-the-art unmanned aerial systems (UAS) or drones to capture amazing image data, photographs and video for your commercial applications.

Aerial images from Lake Winnipesaukee NH during some amazing fall foliage and

the beautiful turquoise waters and resorts of the outer Bahamas Islands.

Affordable Aerial Imaging and Inspection Services



Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)

Small-unmanned aerial systems (UAS), vehicles (UAV) or drones for aerial photography, high-resolution videography (4K) and inspection services offer a huge cost savings over traditional manned helicopter or airplane based aerial flights, or the time-consuming and often precarious human inspection of physical structures. What’s even more significant is the amazing aerial vantage point that is now possible for your custom imaging and inspection applications!



Aerial Imaging Systems

Our radio controlled multi-rotor aerial camera systems are precisely flown at low altitudes to enable bird’s eye vantage points for breathing-taking photography and high-resolution video (4K) that is only more recently available and affordable.


With computer stabilized aircraft and gimbal mounted cameras, our real-time “Eye in the Sky” captures dynamic live video enabling  high-quality shots of that special moment, that breath-taking vista, or the view of the structure that you would like to document.  Special cameras and sensors can also be used for thermal infrared mapping and multi-spectral imaging applications.


We have dual control systems available that can allow you to control the camera to frame and record the specific views that you need while we safely maneuver and position the aircraft.


Whether you’re a photographer, real estate agent, inspector, developer or contractor, our affordable and dramatic technology gives you access to the tools and results you need to distinguish and excel in your work and services.



FAA Approved for Commercial Operations

We are FAA approved (Section 333 Exemption) and the more recent Part 107 UAS Rule for commercial operations. This approval process required significant effort and time, with Eagle Drone Imaging being only one of few approved companies in the New England area.


With this approval, and the procedures and systems now in place for efficiency and risk management, it allows us to conduct our UAS aerial imaging and data collection commercial services for clients legally and enables our work to be fully insured.  With extensive aviation experience, our pilot in command (PIC) is a Commercially rated Helicopter Pilot and and Remote Pilot familiar with FAA regulations and procedures, allowing us to conduct these commercial operations effectively, safely and by the book.



Not so Simple

Let us do what we do best- precisely and safely fly and maintain UAS aerial imaging systems to acquire your image and video data so that you can do what you do best in your business.


Although it may seem simple to buy a drone with a camera on the web and fly it, most groups quickly conclude that to line up “all the ducks” to legally fly it for the commercial benefit of your business is distracting, time consuming and expensive.


Some of the necessary overhead includes:


  • FAA exemption, regulations, and documentation
  • Pre-flight preparations and checklists
  • Weather, airspace and airport proximity awareness
  • Obtain FAA permissions (COA-Certificates of Authorization) under the 333 Exemption to fly within 5 NM of towered airports, 3 NM of airports with a published instrument flight procedure, 2 NM from airports without a tower, and 2 NM away from heliports, gliderport, or seaplane base. Under Part 107, authorizations or waivers are required to fly within Class B, C, D and E airspace.
  • Filing for required NOTAMs prior to UAS operations
  • Appropriate permissions
  • Redundancy of equipment
  • Aircraft maintenance, documentation and FAA registration
  • Risk management systems and procedures
  • Liability Insurance coverage
  • Handling and processing of large volumes of digital data
  • Finding certified and current pilots as required by FAA for PIC (pilot in command)


The perceived benefit of having you own flexibility and control quickly fades.


Let us help you leverage your business to benefit from our high quality imaging capabilities and services.



Broad Scope of Services

We provide a broad range of services that benefit from our aerial imaging systems that are constantly improving to expanding the scope of our capabilities.  A brief list of our services includes:


  • Photography and High Resolution Video (4K)
  • Residential and Commercial Real Estate
  • Building Inspection (Roofs, Chimneys, Structure)
  • Mapping and 3D Modeling
  • Photo Spheres and Virtual Tours
  • Construction Sites and Architecture
  • Insurance Claims
  • Country Clubs / Golf Courses
  • Agriculture
  • Resorts, Wineries and other Business Promotions
  • Boating
  • Private Events, Wedding Venues, and other Cool Stuff


Please take a look at our applications page and our gallery page for a more detailed description and examples of aerial imaging possibilities.


We are receptive to developing new applications and can often customize our UAS for your specific needs.

Please call and let us explore with you how we can take your brand and services to the next level.



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FAA Approved for Commercial Operations

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